Specific information

If you would like to know more about the option chosen, it is easy.

Just navigate horizontally and you will find descriptions, a summary and additional information about it.



Finding how to get to your chosen hotel establishment is very easy.

Just press on the map associated to it and the route you should follow to get there will appear.


Filter your search

If you wish to make a specific search you can do it.

You only have to choose the filter option by categories. This way you can look exclusively, for example, 4 stars hotel or only those that are in a certain area of the Costa del Sol.



Thanks to the option “Closet o me”, you can discover all the hotels that are close to your current location.

You will find it very simple to find a gym, a place to enjoy a spa session or play golf.


Contact as you wish

Via an intuitive menu, you can learn any type of information related to the chosen establishment.

Go to their website, send an email or call directly are some of the options you can choose from.